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  Wood organic porous material Mstrdobh (which absorbs moisture and keeps out) and is subject to the material poses no take different situations in the growth response to external stimuli, and would come from woody plants, particularly trees and shrubs, timber. Growth rings in trees than the tree in the …

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Method of smelting gold

  Gold is a gold and precious metals sought after in the jewelry industry, passing the gold several steps to his brother in law and outfitted to begin the process of drafting and formation of ornaments, and before you start drafting Gold chooses as standard and pure gold is gold …

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  Diamonds Known since antiquity as one of the diamonds of commercial value stones. The increased popularity of diamonds in the nineteenth century, with the increase in global production and improvement of trade routes around the world and enter the scientific methods in cutting, polishing and global monopoly of the …

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The idea of ​​the motor

The idea of ​​the motor The motor is ready converts the different forms of energy into kinetic energy by the rotation movement transport located in or the rotor in which a column, according to the motor type, used many forms of energy to move the motor there are fossil fuels …

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