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10% share of renewable energy in the UAE in 2017


10% share of renewable energy in the UAE in 2017

Emirates is preparing to raise the share of renewable energy to 10% of the energy mix next year, after the state established itself as the global leader in the renewable energy sector during the current year, and by the implementation of quality projects internally.
Saw this year, a big jump in the project Mohammed bin Rashid compound solar energy in Dubai, the largest complex of solar energy in the region, the completion of the majority of the second phase of projects, which will be in April next run, in addition to the signing of the third phase, which will raise the production capacity of the complex to a thousand megawatts by the year Agreement 2020, and about five thousand megawatts in 2030.
Furthermore, it announced the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) the middle of this year, announced the launch of a new technique for the production of electrical power concentrated solar power system that can produce electricity even after the sun sets, the largest solar energy project in the world, is set to start in stages, It is the first phase production capacity of 200 megawatts by the month of April 2021.
Dubai is the first city in the Middle East, the logic of this technique, which reduces with eco-friendly projects, about 6.5 million tons of carbon emissions annually apply.
This technique is characterized by the production of electricity even after sunset, the project consists of concentrated solar power plant, comprising thousands of mirrors reflecting the matrix in a circular lines around the central tower receives a reflection of the radiation through the mirrors, which track the movement of the sun, and the rays focus in the direction of CPU receiver, heats liquid thermally transmits heat to the steam generator generates electricity.
It takes the power of new technology from eight to 12 hours a day, and some days, obstetrics will be on throughout the day in full, which contributes to raising the efficiency and effectiveness of production a manner commensurate with the power grid needs, and provide a sustainable supply of energy, which is to serve the development process in Emirate and achieve happiness for the community, helping the emirate of Dubai to be at least in the global carbon footprint by 2050.
This project comes as part of Dubai’s Clean Energy 2050 strategy, which aims to provide 7% of Dubai’s energy from clean energy sources by 2020, and 25% by 2030, and 75% by 2050.
And taking the body with confidence towards the diversification of energy sources in the emirate, to include 61% of the gas, and 25% of solar energy, and 7% from clean coal, and 7% from nuclear power by 2030, to be a gradual increase in the recruitment of clean energy sources, within the mix to reach 75% by 2050.

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