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Animated image represents four strokes of an internal combustion engine

Animated image represents four strokes of an internal combustion engine:
1 – pull the spray of fuel and air.
2 – pressure mixture.
3 – ignite.
4 – Exhaust.

New types of fuel usual engines for motor vehicles has been working to reduce dependence on petroleum-based fuels, and reduce the amount of environmentally harmful gases, and reduce the problem of global warming. Therefore auto makers working to invent new types of fuel, and still their findings so far to find ample room to improve performance and raise thermal efficiency.

And require new fuels, new technology compatibility between the machine and fuel. This includes ways to supply fuel to the engine and type, as well as preparations for safety.
Engine runs on hydrogen

It opens up the use of hydrogen as a fuel to drive the car, where a wide range characterized by high viability of the ignition and at the same time has a high octane number. However, the hydrogen storage is one of the problems that need attention and solution. The hydrogen is stored in a liquid state is necessary from the point of expanding the range of distance, but it is not likely to stop the car and not used for a long time, as it has liquid cooled heat during the long pause and not to use the car leads to raise the pressure in the hydrogen tank.

Place on the market large quantities of bio-diesel. However, it is mixed with other fuels. Although the new technology to squirt fuel into the engine high pressure and provide pressure equipment systems may allow the running of the car fuel 100% bio-diesel, but the manufacturer insists on being represented in the range of between 10% and 20%, where sometimes appear difficult to pump the diesel pump. It can automatically adjusts ease diesel. There are also suitable candidates for the use of bio-diesel.
Engine works with alcohol

In those types of motors are often used additions of ethanol. And especially those with multiple injection systems can be operated Bmakhlut contain 20% ethanol (E20), and there are cars that can use multiple types of alcohol fuels and gasoline, usually working Bmakhlut of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline Super-called blended E85, and can work also with gasoline only. There are engines efficiency increases by 20% when using E85 fuel alcohol instead of gasoline. And it operates some of the auto manufacturers currently developing control devices be in a position to mix alcohol engine running when installed with the usual engines.
Cars run on natural gas

Using natural gas as fuel for cars and easy to use for the use of hydrogen, which is desirable for the license price and the lack of what arouses of gases in cities. And approaching suitability for the operation of motor diesel-powered, and the use of gasoline engines still needs some time to harmonize those engines for gas, which is lower fuel consumption. And accidentally acquires natural gas drilling as oil is extracted is from fossil fuels. The result is burning about 25% less carbon dioxide are also less harmful gases. It is considered as a fuel is suspended until the universal use of hydrogen and biogas.

South Korea has been able to run 77% of the capital Seoul buses on CNG instead of diesel for use until early 2009, as a non-completion of the complete transformation of 100% in 2010.
Vehicles powered by liquefied petroleum gas

LNG knows that gas becomes liquid under mild pressure. A chemical compounds with an open series, such as propane, butane or ether compounds such as Aldmethyl ether (DME). And it can be used for liquefied gas in vehicles that run on gasoline, and easy installation of additional devices in order to operate the vehicle liquid gas rather than gasoline. And facilitates light pressure needed by the design and the formation of the fuel tank, it could be a cylindrical a little high so that it can be installed in place of the wheel Alaahtaatih retains vehicle gasoline tank at the same time. Compared to vehicles that operate with methane and its derivatives such as Aldmethyl ether DME ratio of liquefied gas output of carbon reduced by 10-15% compared dioxide produced by vehicles that rely on gasoline. Methane is extracted directly from the biogas or wood gas. While butane and propane extracted from petroleum refining side outputs to the process of producing gasoline. And it shall be deemed to LNG also of limited energy sources, but the production does not require oil. It could be argued that the liquefied gas is one additional products to be drawn during the gasoline and diesel oil production.

Engines vegetable oils approaching the use of vegetable oils severe closer to the use of diesel oil to run the engines. And deserves the use of vegetable oils application, especially in the agricultural country with a vast territory, which enjoys brightly in the sun.
Electric car
Electric car charging station
2007 Tesla Roadster electric car.

Made the first electric car in 1832 was preceded by an internal combustion cars by about seventy years. The electric car is considered superior to the internal-combustion car on the one hand the low sound of its engine. Then do what ensued in the evolution of the two cars on the superiority of the internal combustion car for two reasons. First: excellence in cutting long-distance, and secondly: decrease the amount of fuel weight, such as benzene or diesel for the weight of a heavy battery to cut a reasonable distance. It was on the development of the electric car to wait until this day to catch a drive that run on gasoline.

And some test cars manufactured after 2000 were able to walk at speeds of 210 kilometers per hour, and the other could walk a distance of 400 kilometers. But it is not suitable for experimental use normal personal due to the high price and the weight of its battery. Charging the accumulator that car takes 8 hours, that’s a long time.

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